The Physics Department at IIT Madras offers the following programmes: B. Tech. (Engineering Physics), Dual Degree (Physics), M. Tech. (Functional Materials & Nanotechnology), MSc. (Physics) and PhD (Physics) and also caters to first year undergraduates from all Departments for Basic Physics courses and Minor program courses.

I have taught the following courses at IIT Madras:

Undergraduate courses:

PH3520 Quantum Physics (minor)

PH3500 Classical Physics (minor)

EP2102 Elements of Classical Dynamics

EP2110 Introduction to Mathematical Physics

PH1010 Physics-1 (also as coordinator)

PH1020 Physics-2

EP3220 Solid State Physics

Postgraduate courses:

PH5050 Mathematical Physics-II

PH7090 Foundations of Experimental Physics (also as coordinator)

PH5060 MSc. Lab-1 (also as coordinator)

PH5120 MSc. Lab-2 (also as coordinator).

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