• Courses Taught:

                                        Physics PH101, Physics PH102,

                                        Physics PH103, Electronics I and II,

                                        Microprocessor-based Physics Instrumentation.

    Innovative Student projects guided:

    * Hand-held Oscilloscope with LCD graphic display- Best B.Tech Project award from Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras ( Mr.Vijay Bhasker   2004).

    * Microcontroller based Novel sensors using RF Transmitter-Receiver for unmanned Level Crossings- National award for Best Student project    (IETE New Delhi 2003)


    *  Developed number of teaching aids.

    *  Developed number of Computer Based Education Program.

    *  Developing a video and web based course in "Basic Electronics" with stress on "Learning By Doing" under the title of "Basic Sciences" as  part of the     National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)  of Indian Institute of Technology Madras.


    Physics Education:

    *  Developing demonstration aids in Physics for schools and colleges.

    *  Member Board of studies – PSG Arts and Science College Coimbatore.

    * Actively involved in the formative years of National Physics Olympiad activity and had the good fortune to  accompany the first batch of  students     from India in 1998 for the International Physics  Olympiad Competitions in Reykjavik, Iceland.

    *  Centre coordinator for National Olympiad examinations coordinated by Homi Bhabha Centre for  Science Education, Mumbai.

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    Out Reach Programme:

    • Gave Lecture Demonstrations in more than one hundred institutions including IIT Physics Department, Rural Schools, Corporation Schools, Private Schools and several Colleges.
    • Developed a number of Teaching aids in Electronics starting from Basic Electronics to advanced Interfacing of Computers in the Laboratory using the concept of “Learning by Doing”. The developed modules are unique in that there is a “simulation” package and a corresponding “Hands ON” hardware kit. The modules are very well received all over the globe ( presented in several international conferences and workshops, in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Srilanka, Indonesia, Taiwan, Kenya, UK, USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, etc.) These modules are now manufactured and marketed by two private companies in India through IIT.
    • Initiated on a National Science Day ( February 28, 2004) one hour “Interactive Demo Sessions” on every Saturady (between 3 to 4 pm) with public and children who visit the Periyar Science and Technology Centre. (We have received excellent reviews and feedback from the public on these programmes for the past three years and more).
    • Involved from the beginning, in the National Physics Olympiad programmes and activities in India. Also accompanied the first batch of 5 students from India to participate in the International Physics Olympiad competitions in the year 1998 at Reykjavik, Iceland.
    • As part of the national level project, namely, National Programme of Technology enhanced Learning (NPTEL), two courses have been recorded on Basic Electronics. One is a Video Course and the other is a web-based course. Both are based on the principle of “Learning by Doing”. They contain video clipping of many working circuits built and demonstrated for the benefit of the reader.
    • Presently coordinating the Computer based Physics Curriculum development for the Kuruvilla Jacob Initiatives in School Education to develop Computer based Lessons for classes 6 th to 9 th.

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    Memberships of Professional and other Bodies:

    •             Chairman Board of Studies on Electronic Science Sk University Anathapur           
    •             Member Materials Research Society USA
    •             Life member Indian Association of Physics Teachers
    •             Life member of Indian Physics Association
    •             Member Board of Academic Courses IIT Madras
    •             Member of Computer Purchase Committee, IIT madras
    •             Member of Project Purchase Committee, ICSR, IIT Madras
    •             Member of Stores and Purchase Committee, IIT Madras
    •             Was advisor Co-curricular Activities, IIT Madras
    •             Was President of Temple Samajam, IIT Madras ( 2003-2005)

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