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Conducting Polymer Lab


Educomp Project

The aim of this project is to replace the conventional chalk – and – talk method of teaching science with an activity oriented approach which will help students understand science concepts easily.  In this project we fabricate science activities which can be performed by the students themselves unless safety aspects demand the teacher to demonstrate that activity to the class.

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Electronics Demos


Below we have a demo version of three types of simulation programs, namely

1. Basic electronics

2. Linear IC applications

3. Digital Electronics

Among the experiments only those marked '*' will work in this demo version.

For any feedback and comments please feel free to contact:

Our research interests are in obtaining very well- aligned fibers. We have developed a technique independently which is now popular all over the world. This is to employ a rotating drum collector for the counter electrode. The simple apparatus and a few examples of fibers obtained with and without rotation of the drum are shown below. Our main interests are on the following areas:

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Youtube's Seventh Most Popular Professor.

Lecture series on Basic Electronics on Youtube has crossed   2 crore Views.

Article in The HINDU by Professor

Student J.Vishnu Wins National Award.

---Hot News---
  • Article in 'The Hindu' on Kuruvila Jacob Initiative by the Experts.
  • Class 10th Student J.Vishnu Wins National Award at IRIS Event conducted in Kolkatta.

Electrospinning Apparatus
Inaugural Function of New NANO-ESPIN Apparatus
  • Invited to join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Bio Sciences and Technology.
  • Invited to write a Review article on Electrospinning by the first exclusive journal of Electrospinning, "International Journal of Electrospun Nanofibers and Applications".
  • Nominated as the president of First Regional Council of Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) in Tamil nadu and Puducherry regions.
  • Received Annual Achievement Award for the year 2007 by Indian Science Monitor for laudable Work on Molecular Electronics and Science Demonstrations for children.

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  • Gave an invited talk on polymer nano fibres through electrospinning at the " National symposium on advances in material science " in Manonmaniam Sundaranar University .

- - - Physics is Fun - - -

  • Lecture Demonstrations in more than one hundred institutions including IIT Physics Department, Rural Schools, Corporation Schools, Private Schools and several Colleges.
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Lecture Videos

Comments : Lecture 1 on Basic Electronics in youtube has crossed 2,00,000 Views.

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Learning by Doing
An old Chinese Proverb says

I Read    -     I  Forget

I See   -     I Remember

I Do   -     I  Understand

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DIPAS Project

This is project for Soliders in cold areas. The objective is to make glove with heating element.

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The Indian Institute of Technology Madras is an institute of national importance established through an Act of Parliament in 1959. It is a leader in scientific and technical education and manpower development and offers bachelors, masters and research programmes comparable to the best in the world.

The Institute is well known for its distinguished teaching and research community. In addition, it has state-of-the-art laboratories, library, computer networks and other supporting facilities.

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