Novel methods of synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes


At IIT Madras, we synthesise multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs), by a novel technique using catalytic decomposition of acetylene over alloy-hydride catalysts. These catalysts having high catalytic activity are prepared by hydrogen decrepitation technique.Various Zr based AB2 and Mm (Misch metal) based AB2/AB3/AB5 alloy hydrides are being used as catalysts for the growth of MWNTs. Purification of these as -grown MWNTs are being carried out by air oxidation and acid treatment, which removes the undesirable products.
XRD, BET surface area measurements, TGA, SEM, TEM, and Raman spectroscopy are being employed to characterize these MWNTs.

Novel methods of synthesis of Graphene


In our lab, we synthesize Graphene, a two dimensional carbon allotrope, from Griphite oxide (GO) either by a novel technique or by thermal exfoliation. GO is made by Hammer’s method.  Functionalization of Graphene for different applications is being carried out.  Nitrogen doping by Nitrogen plasma treatment, in-situ nitrogen doping by thermal as well as chemical exfoliation are also carried out on graphene. Hybrid Nanocomposites, like, Graphene/Metal oxide, Graphene/polymer etc. are synthesized by different novel techniques.

A few layer Graphene stacks, called Graphite Nano Platelets, are synthesized by simple acid treatment. Different techniques like XRD, SEM, HRTEM,  BET Surface area measurements, Raman spectroscopy, TGA /DSC and NMR are being used for characterization of Graphene as well as functionalized Graphene. Having challenging applications in Energy, Environmental and Biomedical research fields, research on its cost effective synthesis is also going on by our group.

Novel methods of synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanostructures













In our lab, we synthesis  large quantities of metal oxide nanostructures by chemical vapor deposition, hydrothermal, solvothermal method etc.   The method gives the feasibility of making large quantities of  nanostructures. Also we synthesis the nanocomposites of carbon nanomaterials and metal oxide nanostructures by various methods like reduction method, in-situ reduction method, hydrothermal etc.





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