M.S. Ramachandra Rao


  Welcome to our group's research activities. I am M. S. Ramachandra Rao, Professor in the Physics department, IIT Madras and head the 'Nanostructured systems and Advanced Materials group' located in the Materials Science Research Centre. Our research activities are primarily focused on Physics and Applications of Nanostructures. We look at the Physics of doping effects in ZnO to realize UV and light emission; Study the order parameter coupling in magnetoelectrics; Study the magnetic behavior of nano-sized magnetic particles for magnetic hyperthermia applications; Fabrication of new nano-based selenides to understand the grain boundary physics; Nanocrystalline diamond for mechanical applications; Study of the influence of nano-scale defects on diffusion process. Some of our other ongoing research areas include, FIBed nanostructures for enhanced magnetoelectric coupling; Ferroelectric thin films for device applications; PLD grown Graphene layers for transport study and Physical property studies in the quantum confined nanoparticles (metals and semiconductors). We grow thin films and nanostructures using pulsed laser deposition. We also use CVD and sputtering techniques to grow nanocrystalline diamond, thin film heterostructures and multilayers. We use a range of characterization techniques that include high resolution electron microscopy, Raman and Mossbauer spectroscopy, XPS, XRD, STM, AFM, PFM and PL.