Recent Publications (2017-2019)

  1. Large photovoltaic response in rare-earth doped BiFeO3 polycrystalline thin films near morphotropic phase boundary composition
    Pranab Parimal Biswas, Subhajit Pal, V. Subramanian, and P. Murugavel
    Applied Physics Letters, 114, 173901, 2019
    Freely available till 14th May 2019 at this link: DOI: 10.1063/1.5090911
  2. Large magnetoelectric response in lead free BaTi1-xSnxO3/NiFe2O4 bilayer laminated composites
    Lakshmi Kola, Atal Bihari Swain, Venkatachalam Subramanian, Pattukkannu Murugavel
    Accepted in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics.
  3. Influence of external electric field on the physical characteristics of lead free BZT- BCT piezoceramic
    Atal Bihari Swain, S. Dinesh Kumar, V.Subramanian and P.Murugavel
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 787, 990-995, 2019.
  4. Self-polarization effect on large photovoltaic response in lead free ferroelectric 0.5Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3-0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 epitaxial film
    Atal Swain, Martando Rath, Subhajit Pal, M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Venkatachalam Subramanian, and Pattukkannu Murugavel
    Applied Physics Letters, 113, 233902, 2018.
  5. Large magnetoelectric coupling in 0.5Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3-0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 film on Ni foil
    Atal Bihari Swain, Martando Rath, Dinesh Kumar S, M S Ramachandra Rao, V Subramanian and P Murugavel
    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 52, 065004, 2019.
  6. Origin of Relaxor Behavior in 0.78(Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-0.2SrTiO3-0.02BaTiO3 Ceramic: An electrical modulus study
    S.Praharaja, V.Subramanian, S.-J. L.Kang, D.Rout
    Materials Research Bulletin, 106, 459-464, 2018.
  7. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding performance of lightweight Metal decorated Carbon nanostructures dispersed Polyvinylidene fluoride flexible films
    Rengaswamy, Kumaran; Sakthivel, Dinesh Kumar; Muthukaruppan, Alagar; Balasubramanian, N.; Venkatachalam, Subramanian; Kannaiyan, Dinakaran
    New Journals of Chemistry (RCJ), 42, 12945-12953, 2018.
  8. Temperature dependent magnetoelectric studies in co-fired bilayer laminate composites
    S. Dinesh Kumar, J. Magesh and V. Subramanian
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 753, 595-600, 2018.
  9. Enhanced magnetoelectric coupling in Ti and Ce substituted lead free CFO-BCZT laminate composites
    J. Paul Praveen, Vinitha Reddy Monaji, E. Chandrakala, Srinivas Indla, S. Dinesh kumar, V. Subramanian, Dibakar Das
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 750, 392-400, 2018
  10. The role of precursors on piezoelectric and ferroelectric characteristics of 0.5BCT-0.5BZT ceramic
    Atal BihariSwain, V.Subramanian and P.Murugavel
    Ceramic International, 44(6), 6861-6865, 2018.
  11. Broadband Asymmetric Transmission of Linearly Polarized Electromagnetic Waves Based on Chiral Metamaterial
    Lincy Stephen, N. Yogesh and V. Subramanian
    Journal of Applied Physics, 123(3), 033103, 2018.
  12. Studies on magnetoelectric coupling in lead-free [(0.5)BCT-(0.5)BZT]-NiFe2O4 laminated composites at low and EMR frequencies
    N. Shara Sowmya, A. Srinivas. P. Saravanan, K. Venu Gopal Reddy, S.V. Kamat, J. Paul Praveen, Dibakar Das, G. Murugesan, S. Dinesh Kumar and V. Subramanian
    J. Alloys and compounds, 743, 240-248, 2018.
  13. Enhanced magnetoelectric response from lead-free (Ba0.85Ca0.15)(Zr0.1Ti0.9)O3 - CoFe2O4 laminate and particulate composites
    Paul J Praveen, Vinithareddi Monaji, Dinesh Kumar, V Subramanian and Dibakar Das
    Ceramic International, 44(4), 4298-4306, 2018.
  14. Realization of Bi-directional Metamaterial Absorber Formed by Cross-shaped Metamaterial at Microwave Frequencies
    Lincy Stephen, Natesan Yogesh, G. Vasantharajan and Venkatachalam Subramanian
    PIERS 2017, Singapore, 19-22/Nov/2017
  15. Near-field Lensing and Waveguiding Effects Based on Transformation Optics of Isotropic Concave Space
    G. Vasantharajan, Natesan Yogesh and Venkatachalam Subramanian
    PIERS 2017, Singapore, 19-22/Nov/2017
  16. Microstructure and frequency dependent electrical properties of lead-free Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 perovskite
    S Praharaj, S Kumari, V Subramanian, D Rout
    AIP Conference Proceedings 1832 (1), 140024, 2017
  17. Photovoltaic and photo-capacitance effects in ferroelectric BiFeO3 thin film
    P P Biswas, Thirmal C, D Duraisamy, Giridharan N V, Subramanian Vand P Murugavel
    Applied Physics Letters, 110, 192906, 2017.
  18. Tuning of bandwidth by superposition of bending and radial resonance modes in bilayer laminate composite
    S. Dinesh Kumar, J. Magesh, V. Subramanian
    Journal of Materials and Design, vol. 122, 315-317, 2017.
  19. Polar nano regions in lead free (Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-SrTiO3-BaTiO3 relaxors: An impedance spectroscopic study
    S. Praharaj, D. Rout, S. Anwar, V. Subramanian and V. Sivasubramanian
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 706, 502-510, 2017
  20. Low temperature Raman scattering study of barium doped lead ytterbium tantalate ceramics
    D Rout, S Praharaj, V Subramanian, V Sivasubramanian
    Journal of Advanced Dielectrics, 1750003, 2017
  21. Magnetoelectric coupling studies on (x)(0.5BZT-0.5BCT)-(100-x)NiFe2O4 [x=90-70wt%] particulate composite
    N Shara Sowmya, A Srinivas, K Venu Gopal Reddy, J Paul Praveen, Dibakar Das, S Dinesh Kumar, V Subramanian, SV Kamat
    Ceramics International, 43(2), 2523-2528, 2017.
  22. Synthesis, characterization, and magneto-electric properties of (1-x)BCZT-xCFO ceramic particulate composites
    John Paul Praveen, Monaji Vinitha Reddy, Jayant Kolte, Sakthivel Dinesh Kumar, Venkatachalam Subramanian, Dibakar Das
    International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 14, 200-210, 2017.