We have continuing discussions with several visitors of other institutes. Some of them are


Prof. G. C. Joshi


Prof. H. B. Tripathi


Dr. Udit Chaterjee

Professor S. Dutta Gupta


Dr. Stefan Lockbrunner (2003)


Dr. Srini Krishnamoorthy

Dr. Pramod Dobal


Dr. K. S. Bindra


Dr. S. M. Oak

Professor Barry Masters


Dr. H. C. Pant


Dr. Anil Kumar

Prof. Dr. E. Riedle (2002)


Prof. Ajoy Kar (2011)

Prof. S. N. Thakur


Prof. Ajit Kumar (2011)

Prof. K. Yoshihara (2012)

Prof. John Costello (2010-11-12)

Dr. Colm Fallon, (2013-14), DCU

Dr. M. Belal (2012)

Prof. Hrvoje Petek (2014) , Pittsburgh University

Dr. P.A. Naik, (2014)  RRCAT

Dr. Yuu Hirose (2014), EIIRIS

Dr. W.S. Brocklesby W.S (2014), ORC, Southampton


Prof. M. K. Harbola (2016)

Dr. Senthil Murugan Ganapathy (2015 & 2016), ORC, Southampton








Here are some other photographs:?? Holi





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