Ultrafast Lasers and Optical Amplifiers
Physics department, IIT Madras, Chennai 600 036, India

Patents filed:

1.A new dye for applications in dye laser and nonlinear optics and as a fluorescence lifetime standard
Prem B Bisht and Indrapal Singh Aidhen
Patent application no.2643/CHE/2008 dated 30 Oct. 2008

2.A method of detecting the change in concentration of an organic dye in a sample,
Prem Ballabh Bisht and Pallikkuth Sandeep
Patent application 602/CHE/05, Dated 19/05/2005, Time: 03:50:09.

3. Enhancement of Raman scattering signal by using photonic nanojet of a single microsphere
Prem B Bisht, Venkata Ramanaiah Dantham, CK Raman Namboodiri,
IN-818882-01-US-REG,  March 2012



































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