The facilities available at our laboratory include

  • Fluorescence microscope, Home made-confocal microscope 
  • Fluorescence lifetime microscope with time correlated single photon counting
  • femtosecond laser
  • picosecond lasers
  • Ar ion cw laser
  • Dye lasers
  • Noncollinear optical parametric amplifier set-up
  • Picosecond laser induced transient grating set-up
  • Phase conjugation set-up
  • Self-diffraction set-up
  • Picosecond and nanosecond DFDL set-ups
  • Picosecond and femtosecond autocorrelators
  • z-scan set-up

We are also putting efforts to generate economical femtosecond lasers for spectroscopic use.   

Glamour of Laser Physics and Modern Optics (obviously for students only!):

-Optical communication is impossible to understand without understanding modern lasers. It falls under the area of Electrical Engineering.

-Changing the polarization and refractive index without using electronics, are integral part of modern laser technology, optical computers and photonics.

-We have 4 different picosecond lasers, a laser that operates both in cw and pulsed mode.

-To put it lightly in Janta slang, we can generate Hazaar coloured lines (wavelengths) from a ps laser in the lab.

Excited a bit? What about taking a course on lasers/ nonlinear optics/ photonics? A sure-shot show of the lab is guaranteed!