Professor P. B. Bisht posted several “Texts for Education” on the notice board of “Jamuna Hostel” as the Hostel-Warden during 2006-2009. Check them out:


Exam-time is generally hot, some advice. Some times we need to keep cool in the hostel.


Is it good to wake up early? Is it enough to be Intelligent? There are many reasons to study at IIT.


Why should I attend the class?  Should I refer that? Are there any e-mail etiquettes?

What is health?,   O’ My god, I must be officially clean.

Ragging is prohibited in the Institute. Cyberbullying is as bad.

Alumni funding for washing machines and solar system was greatly appreciated.



Youth of all times have to care about what others think about them.


Want to visit Beach? Read it before you plan.


If you are an environmentalist, then read this.


Let us not insult them .


SWINE FLU: How to prevent its proliferation into the body


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