Dynamical Systems, Statistical Physics & Field Theory  


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Research in this group involves a wide spectrum of theoretical physics.
Broadly, current activities center on dynamical systems, both classical
and quantum, stochastic processes, quantum field theory, string theory,
quantum information and computation, electronic structure methods and
computational physics. Also closely related theoretical physics areas here
are the  Complex Fluids division and the Atomic and Molecular Physics group. 

Specifically we study noisy dynamical systems, recurrences, relationship
between stochasticity and chaos, chaos in gauge theories, spatio-temporal
chaos, quantum and Hamiltonian chaos. We also research quantum mechanics,
specifically, geometric phases, quantum revivals, quantum entanglement,
and quantum random walks. Field theory part our work concerns superstring
theory and related areas such as quantum gravity, black holes and conformal
field theory. Our group has eight faculty members and eight
graduate students
. If you want to do a Ph.D. with any of us, the route to
take is to first qualify for the IITM Physics Department,
see IITM homepage for details.