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(Book) Essentials of Nonlinear Optics, YVGS Murti and C Vijayan, Wiley (International); Indian  Students Edition by Ane Books; ISBN: 978-1-118-90106-9 (2014)

(Book) Modified Photonic Processes in Dielectric-Plasmonic Random Media, Bingi J and C. Vijayan, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing; ISBN-13: 978-3659788529 (2015)

(Chapter) Photoacoustic Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy: An Investigation, K. Sathiyamoorthy, C. Vijayan and V.M. Murukeshan, in book Plasmonics - Principles and Applications, Ed. Ki Young Kim, ISBN 978-953-51-0797-2, InTech, DOI: 10.5772/52545

(Chapters) in Book A Textbook of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Ed. T. Pradeep, ISBN-10: 1259007324, Tata McGraw-Hill Education (2003)


Selected Recent Publications

Large bandgap narrowing in rutile TiO2 aimed towards visible light applications and its correlation with vacancy-type defects history and transformation

RV Nair, PK Gayathri, VS Gummaluri, PMG Nambissan, C Vijayan

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51 (4), 045107 (2018)


Femtosecond laser-pumped plasmonically enhanced near-efficient infrared random laser based on engineered scatterers

Venkata Siva Gummaluri, R.V. Nair, S.R. Krishnan, and C. Vijayan

Optics Letters 42(23) 5002 (2017)

Highly efficient surface enhanced Raman scattering with ZnS@Fe3O4@Ag composite structures as probes

RV Nair, VS Gummaluri, P K Gayathri, C Vijayan

Materials Research Express 4 015025 (2017)

Optimization of macropore evolution towards high photocatalytic activity enhancement in meso/macro porous Anatase TiO2

RV Nair, PK Gayathri, VS Gummaluri, C Vijayan

Materials Research Express 4 (1), 016201 (2017)

Design and Optimization of Novel ZnS-Metal Core-Shell Random Structures for Light Harvesting-a Computational Study

RV Nair, K Dileep, VS Gummaluri, C Vijayan

Plasmonics,  12 (5), 1649 (2017)

Time dependent Bloch mode transmittance in self-assembled random photonic crystal for photonic time delay switching

J Bingi, RV Nair, C Vijayan

Optical Materials 64, 95-99 (2017)

Plasmon-Assisted Enhancement and Tuning of Optical Properties in β indium sulphide quantum dots

AR Warrier, J Bingi, C Vijayan

Plasmonics 11 (4), 953-961 (2016)

FRET controlled photoluminescence in β-In2S3 microflower-Au nanoparticle ensemble

AR Warrier, C Parameswaran, J Bingi, C Vijayan

Materials Research Express 3 (6), 065016 (2016)

A novel and efficient surfactant-free synthesis of Rutile TiO 2 microflowers with enhanced photocatalytic activity

RV Nair, M Jijith, VS Gummaluri, C Vijayan

Optical Materials 55, 38-43 (2016)

Asymmetric transmission and optical low-pass filtering in a stack of random media with graded transport mean free path

J Bingi, M Hemalatha, RW Anita, C Vijayan, VM Murukeshan

Optical Materials 49, 15-20 (2015)

Slow Down of Charge Transfer Owing to Auger Recombination and Two-Photon Action Cross-section of CdS-CdSe-CdS Segmented Nanorods, R Subha, V Nalla, EJQ Lim, C Vijayan, BBS Huang, WS Chin, W Ji

ACS Photonics 2(1) 43 (2015)

Plasmonically Tunable Blue-Shifted Emission from Coumarin 153 in Ag Nanostructure Random Media: J Bingi, S Vidhya, AR Warrier, C Vijayan

Plasmonics 9 (2), 349-355 (2014)

Visible-light driven photocatalytic activity of β-indium sulfide (In2S3) quantum dots embedded in Nafion matrix , R Sumi, AR Warrier, C Vijayan

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47 (10), 105103 (2014)

Enhancement of photoluminescence from defect states in ZnS random photonic crystal: An effect of electronic and photonic mode coupling, J Bingi, AR Warrier, C Vijayan

Journal of Applied Physics 115 (4), 043105 (2014)

Efficient photoluminescence of Mn2+-doped ZnS quantum dots excited by two-photon absorption in near-IR window II , R Subha, V Nalla, JH Yu, SW Jun, K Shin, T Hyeon, C Vijayan, W Ji

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (40), 20905-20911 (2013)

Sequential electrochemical unzipping of single-walled carbon Nanotubes to graphene ribbons revealed by in situ Raman spectroscopy and imaging ,R John, DB Shinde, L Liu, F Ding, Z Xu, C Vijayan, VK Pillai, T Pradeep

ACS Nano 8 (1), 234-242 (2013)

Raman mode random lasing in ZnS-β-carotene random gain media Bingi, J., Warrier, A.R., Vijayan,
Applied Physics Letters, 102(22), 221105(2013)

Taking light for a walk
Anita R. Warrier, C. Vijayan

Resonance, (Science Magazince of Indian Acad. of Sci.), 18(11), 1015 (2013)

Enhanced optical nonlinearity in β-AgVO3 nanobelts on decoration with Ag nanoparticles, Manas R. Parida, C. Vijayan, C. S. Rout, C. S. S. Sandeep, R Philip
Applied Physics Letters, 100(12), 121119 (2012)

Ultrafast nonlinear optical response of carbon nanotubes functionalized with water soluble porphyrin

Gupta, J., Vijayan, C., Maurya, S.K., Goswami, D.

Optics Communications,  285(7), 1920-1924 (2012)

 Efficient ultrafast optical limiting using single walled carbon nanotubes functionalized noncovalently with free base and metalloporphyrins, Gupta, J., Vijayan, C., Maurya, S.K., Goswami, D.

Journal of Applied Physics, 109 (11), 113101, (2011).

Single-and few-layer graphene growth on stainless steel substrates by direct thermal chemical vapor deposition John, R., Ashokreddy, A., Vijayan, C., Pradeep, T

Nanotechnology, 22 (16), 165701, (2011).

Effect of ellipticity on Hanle electromagnetically induced absorption and transparency resonances with longitudinal and transverse magnetic fields Nibedita Ram, M. Pattabiraman, and C. Vijayan

Phys. Rev. A 82, 033417 (2010)


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