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Interesting thoughts

A good teacher should not ever try to `cover' the syllabus; he should rather attempt `discover'ing it.

For a good teacher, text is only a pretext.

An excellent story on the real meaning and perspective of education, (more relevant to Science and Engineering education), taken from Chhandogya Upanishad, an ancient sacred text of India:

Shwetaketu, the son of Uddalaka Aaruni completed his formal education staying at his teacher's Gurukula ( an ancient form of residential school) for twelve years and returned home, proud of his education. He told his father' " I have learnt all that is there to learn".

" O really, my son", the father asked, " have you learned that, knowing which you can learn everything ? " [ yat jnaatvaa sarvamidam vijnaatam bhavati ] The real knowledge empowers one to think about what has not yet been thought about, to probe and understand what has not been understood so far, using methods unknown and paths untrodden.

A seminar was going on. In fact, it was going on and on and on, the speaker being in no mood to stop. Then he suddenly looks at the seminar secretary and asks `Can I take some more time?' The seminar secretary, a young assistant professor, wanted neither to be impolite to the distinguished speaker; nor to be taken to task by his on colleagues later on. So he said very politely, ` Sir, you can take any amount of time; but they will go home at five O'clock.'

Someone approached a learned man for advice as he had an intense desire to become a sanyasi. The advice came immediately: `Well; you can't; anyone with any intense desire whatsoever can never become a sanyasi'.

Today's education system is probably best described by this apparently real-life story:

A student of elementary school was describing his English test to his mother. "I wrote most of it correctly; but I made one mistake: They asked for the past tense of `think'; I thought and thought and finally wrote `thunk'.

The statement `This statement is false' is false only when it is actually true and true only when it is actually false. Think of it.

A nuclear war never proves who is right; the only question is who is left.

Now-a-days the mathematical background of Physics students is quite poor; whenever I mention tensor in the class, students become tenser and tenser.

Some people laugh three times when you tell a joke: First, when you tell it, then a second time when you explain it and the third time when they eventually understand it.

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Some inspiring quotes and stories

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It is often your attitude, rather than your aptitude, that ultimately determines your altitude.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Did you hear about a man who kept praying to God intensely every morning for a prize in the lottery? God got annoyed after a few days, actually appeared in front of him and shouted: "You go and buy a ticket first. Then only even I can be of some help!"

All of us are in the same gutter; but some of us are looking at the stars!


We all know what Einstein did to the concept of time

Well; Here is what time did to the concept of Einstein

(from an old magazine, I don't remember which!)


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