Arul Lakshminarayan

Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai 600036.


Research & Publications


Research Interests

Quantum Physics:  Entanglement. Spin models. Quantum Information.
Transport. Random Walks. Semiclassics. General issues of quantum chaos.
Quantum phase transitions. Random matrix theory. Extreme value statistics,
large deviation theory.

lassical Physics
:  Hamiltonian chaos. Higher dimensional chaos. Pattern formation
and turbulence in complex systems and fluid. Integrability of discrete equations.

Others: Hundreds of identities derived by us concerning Jacobi Elliptic functions
are collected at this
Wolfram site on functions. These identitites also appears in the
new digital replacement of Abramowitz and Stegun's 
classic mathematical compendia
developed by


Most  of my papers are available at the freely accessible physics archive
site and are fully downloadable from here.


Ph. D. Students

J. Bandyopadhyay (2004, Physical Research Lab., Ahmedabad)
Currently at BITS Pilani

Thesis: Studies in Quantum Chaos : Entanglement,  Decoherence and all  that

N. Meenakshisundaram (2009, IIT Madras)
Currently at SAASTRA University

Thesis: Studies in Quantum Chaos: From almost exactly solvable models to hypersensitive operators

Shashikant Srivastava (2013, HBNI. Co-guide with Dr. Sudhir Jain, BARC Mumbai)
(Currently at VECC Kolkata)

Thesis: Spectral statistics, random matrix theory, and classification of dynamical systems


M. S. Ramkarthik (IIT Madras)
Udaysinh Tanajirao Bhosale (IIT Madras)

M.Sc. / B. Tech Projects

H. Naren                (2004) : Quantum bakers map  (Ph. D. from TIFR, Mumbai)
K. Sreekanth          (2005) : Geometry and Hamiltonian Dynamics (Ph. D. from PRL, Ahmedabad)
M. D. Prabha         (2005) : Quantum random walks (Ph. D. from Caltech)
K. Maity               (2006) :  Quantum chaos in the Shor algorthm
Auditya Sharma     (2006) : Entanglement in spin chains (Postdoc @ IIP Natal, Brazil; Ph. D from Santa Cruz)
J. Karthik              (2006) :
Entanglement in spin chains  (Ph. D. from, UIUC, Material Science)
Ranjini V               (2009) : Physics and Number Theory (Georgia Tech., Math.)
P. Ravi Kumar       (2009) : Quantum random walks and the quantum standard map (Georgia Tech. Physics)
S. Chakrabarti        (2010) :
Integrable Maps
Vikram V               (2010) : Entanglement transitions in random states (Uni. Calif. Davis, Physics)
K. J. Arun              (2011) :  Entanglement and the quantum spin glass (CMU, Physics)
A. J. Nachikethas  (2011) :  Quantum discord in random states (USC, Los Angeles, Electrical Engg.)
Animesh Sinha      (2011) : The Riemann zeta function
K. V. Shuddhodan (2012) : Local unitary invariants in quantum systems (TIFR School of Mathematics)
Lavisha Jindal       (2013): Extreme value statistics in dynamical systems (Simon Frasier Univ.)
Debika Chowdhury (2013): Optimal entanglement in three-qubit states (IIT Madras)

The places in the brackets indicate current affiliation afaik. Links are to resultant publication if any. Those without such links have also done great work, unfortunately not shared with the world.

I am very mildly, if at all, guilty of increasing knowledge, and as we know
"He who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow"
"Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas" etc.
                      The Book of Ecclesiastes